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African Teachers  Association-USA


2510 Hamilton Avenue ,Baltimore , MD 21214 .Tel: 443-744-5328

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My advice to everyone is to write quickly and do not skip any questions because the grading system does allow for partial credit and remember wrong answer does not count against you but if you do not write anything, man you are a potential loser as my mom always said.  DO NOT SPEND A LOT OF TIME WORRYING ABOUT COMPLETE SENTENCES OR GRAMMATICAL!  YOU CAN MAKE LISTS AND BULLET YOUR RESPONSES.  

N.B: If your first language is not English, then apply for extended time.

Good luck and happy studying.


To win this test, I used the following strategies:

First, I found that there are about only five types of questions whether you are dealing with Module I, II, or II.

The SCENARIOS PART which consist mainly of putting in place a good conflict resolution (think about “democracy in politics”, how can a president solve a conflict? He needs to listen to everyone involve, gather information or look into records or history, laws or past similar conflict resolutions and decisions that have been ruled(jurisprudence), before getting back with the decision. this is the path I think a good president or leader should use) and this can be complete by using issues I listed below(Basically, if you list all those issued in a problem, you’ll still get your grade since they won’t count the wrong ones against you ; also  all questions consist of getting in touch with parents to find out more in depth about their concerns, meeting with teachers or everyone involve to get their sides of the problems , or looking into the curriculum, looking into students or teachers records  depending on the issues, and so on , then make a decision taking into account all law involve and getting back to all parties involve mostly parents , regional office or superintendent(all this depend on how the question is phrase)

Then come SCENARIO INVOLVING LEARNING OR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT(See Issues 2 below) and for this one I just found out there was a common answers to all; so I learned (see SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT KEYS ANSWERS below)and used them as keys answers plus some knowledge I got when completing skillful teaching 1 and 2 and by jotting down some common ways to get parents , or business or community involve in school improvement.

Then come SCENARIO Involving Safeties, Equity and ethics, Fairness, or due process: Here, I combine the first and second strategies above. Those questions are either relate to fighting in school or any accident/incident  that may occur in school, Students  grades or school improvement , technique of teaching, religious Rights, Free Speech, and so on …

I then used the internet to gather information about the next type of question which deal with Block Schedules and listed them below.

I also look into the 4 texts books sell by ets.org since they often give the old test with different way of framing the questions.