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African Teachers  Association-USA


2510 Hamilton Avenue ,Baltimore , MD 21214 .Tel: 443-744-5328

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There is no penalty for guessing. your test score for MC questions is based on the number of correct answers you have. When you don’t know the answer to a question, try to eliminate any obviously wrong answers and then guess at the correct one.

Read all of the possible answers before selecting one- and then reread the question to be sure the answer you have selected really answers the question being asked.

You are not expected to be an expert on all aspects of the topics however you should be aware of them. o do you homework on learning more vocabularies words related to special education , ADHD, IEP, IDEA , and so on


Which of the following is something that should almost always be discussed with students when they are given a type of assignment that may be new to them?

(A) Whether the students will be tested on the material covered in the assignment

(B) Whether the assignment will be graded according to the same criteria as other assignments with which the students are familiar

(C) What the students can expect to learn from doing the assignment

(D) What kind of prior experience the teacher has had with this type of assignment

Roman Numeral Choices

This format is used when there can be more than one correct answer in the list. One useful strategy for this type of question is to assess possible answer before looking at the answer choices and then evaluate the answer choices:

Questions containing NOT,LEAST,EXCEPT

The words “NOT”, “EXCEPT”, and “LEAST” can make comprehension of test questions more difficult. Ssuch questions ask you to select the choice that doesn’t fit, that is different in some specific way from the other answer choices. You are selecting the negative.This question type is used in situations in which there are several good solutions, or  ways to approach something, but also a clearly wrong way.These words are always capitalized when they appear in The Praxis Series test questions, but they are easily ( and frequently) overlooked. If you treat the word “NOT”, “EXCEPT”, or “LEAST” as one of the details you must satisfy, you have a better chance of understanding what the question is asking.


Scenarios contain a body of introductory material followed by a group of related questions. Questions based on a scenario require a careful strategy that balances time, efficiency, and critical understanding. Since the scenario can often be dense and complex, you should read through the description of the situation before reading the questions, but you should not spend time taking notes or reading the situation multiple times until you know what the questions are asking you to do.Pay attention to keys or Buzz words both in the scenario and the questions and answers.