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African Teachers  Association-USA


2510 Hamilton Avenue ,Baltimore , MD 21214 .Tel: 443-744-5328

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Below is a brief outline about ISS, our requirements, documentation needed and fees. Our membership fee is $195 and it’s good for two recruiting years. It is based on a recruiting year calendar. If you apply now, your fee would expire in August 2014 or when you find a position if that happens first. Our recruiting season starts in September and ends in August a year in advance of the school year when you want to begin teaching. The ideal time to apply is in the early fall for positions starting the following  fall.  You should also know that ISS is not a placement agency that matches candidates with schools or positions. We facilitate the process for many international schools and educators by bringing them together. Our active members only have access to our database of vacancies and salary and benefits information for various international schools registered with ISS. Phone or Skype interviews can be arranged. Candidates can also attend our IRCs or job fairs to meet and interview with schools face to face. There is no additional registration fee to attend an IRC/job fair.

You can read more on this page https://www.iss.edu/education-careers/careers-for-educators/the-ideal-candidate  where you will find answers to many questions. To view a list of the schools that worked with ISS this past recruiting year, please click here: https://www.iss.edu/school-services/staffing-a-school/school-recruiting-with-iss.

Attached for your review is also our general schedule of salary and benefits information for international schools. School-specific information is available to our active candidates only.

International Schools Services has been in existence for over 50 years. ISS is not a placement agency. We are a non-profit organization that facilitates contact between qualified educators and accredited international schools overseas. We assist nearly 200 international schools find their teaching and administrative professionals, each year.   We also assist nearly 1,500 candidates in their international teaching/administrative endeavors.

The schools we serve are private, tuition based schools with college preparatory curriculum.  The students that attend these schools are culturally diverse and are generally from international business families, the diplomatic community or a host national community.  On average, 97% of the students attending these schools go on to higher education, completing their studies at top universities in the United States , Canada , the United Kingdom and Australia , or in their countries of origin.

Requirements for candidacy

Teaching candidates must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and one of the following:

- Two (2) years of full time teaching experience in a K-12 public or private school, OR

- State Board of Education certification in the subject area you wish to teach

We now accept New Graduates!  If you are a new graduate, you must have completed your student teaching and be able to submit a letter of recommendation from both a mentor teacher and an academic supervisor as well as official transcripts. As a new graduate, you should be aware that the teacher selection process for international schools is competitive and even though ISS accepts new graduating students as candidates for overseas employment, it will be more challenging. As a new graduate, it is important to be open-minded and consider a variety of locations. A number of schools require at least two years of full-time experience for teaching positions. For many others, it is preferred. For most positions current certification as a teacher is also required.

If you are interested in pursuing an Administrative position overseas (Assistant Principal, Principal, Head of School), we require the following for candidacy:

- Advanced degree in educational administration

- State Board of Education administrative certification

- Full-time administrative experience

Teachers and administrators can work with ISS, knowing that we will do our best to present your candidacy in the best possible light.   We meticulously review your online application and supporting documentation before creating an active professional file is created. Our guidelines and requirements are set by the schools we service.  Add to that, we have been working in the international community for over 50 years and we have a firm grasp of what the recruiters are looking for in a candidate.


There is a $195 membership fee to establish your professional file.  The $195 membership fee is based on a recruiting year calendar and is good for two recruiting seasons or until you find a position if that happens first. ISS is a non-profit organization and the membership fees covers the cost of establishing, processing and maintaining your file as well as the costs of hosting our recruiting events.


All documents can be uploaded. When uploading files, please keep the size under 1MB. For photos, we recommend JPEG or JPG. For all other documents, Word or PDF format is preferred. You do not have to wait to submit your application until all documents have been uploaded. Any missing documents can be added later by using the ‘Upload Additional Documents’ link located in your candidate dashboard.

For your reference, below is a comprehensive list of all documents needed for your file.

Required Documents

-              Two (2) confidential supervisory recommendations from within the past seven (7) years

-              Partner Statement (if applicable)

All ISS members are encouraged to obtain a confidential reference from their current administrator.  At a minimum, you are required to provide a confidential reference from two supervisors from within your past seven years of experience.  Having a reference from your current supervisor is what recruiters prefer.  We understand this may not always be feasible, but not doing so may impact your candidacy.  Please bear in mind, recruiters will, at some stage, expect you to have a recommendation from your current supervisor before going further in the process.  Schools will contact you first and interview you if they are interested, and will then seek a reference from your current supervisor.  You should be prepared to request a confidential recommendation from your current supervisor at this time if it is not already a part of your profile.  ISS has made it easy for you to do this online or via email.  As you complete your membership application, you will be asked to supply at least two references and their email addresses. Upon our initial approval of your application, ISS will then send your references a link to complete a confidential recommendation form on your behalf.  This form is easy to complete, no more than ten minutes of their time, and can be sent back to ISS directly.  This process is easy for all involved, as it has been streamlined in hopes of getting each person’s membership active quickly!

Additional Documents to Complete Your Profile While submission of these documents is optional, please know that recruiters would like to review them. So that your dossier represents you well, you are encouraged to include the following documents in your file:

-              Supervisory references covering all experiences within the last 7 years

-              Personal Statement (see above)

-              Official transcripts or PDF copies of official transcripts of your highest degree earned

-              Copies of current credentials

-              Photo

-              Resume

-              Reference list

Note:  Administrative and counseling candidates only are required to submit a copy of their personal resume and reference list. Teaching candidates are not required but encouraged to submit their personal resume. It will be placed in their portfolio, or additional items, section for recruiters to review.


If you feel that we are the right organization for you and you meet our minimum requirements, please use the links provided below to begin an application process or review additional information on our web pages.

-              Application Link/Candidate Login – http://www.iss.edu/candidate-portal

-              Requirements and application process - https://www.iss.edu/education-careers/careers-for-educators/getting-started  

-              About recruiting events and schools - https://www.iss.edu/about-us/event  

If you have any additional questions about the application process or documentation required, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We look forward to the possibility of assisting you with overseas employment!



Educational Staffing Department

International Schools Services

15 Roszel Road – PO Box 5910

Princeton, NJ 08543-5910

Phone:             609.452.0990      

Fax: 609.452.2690

Email: edustaffing@iss.edu

Web: http://www.iss.edu/

Brand New ISS Video!

Meet the Team!

IRC Nice, France: November 21-25, 2012

IRC Atlanta , GA : December 2-4, 2012

IRC Bangkok : January 4-7, 2013

IRC Dubai : January 17-19, 2013

IRC San Francisco , CA : February 10-14, 2013

IRC Philadelphia , PA : June 2013

 Event Information

San Francisco IRC 2013

February 10, 2013 - February 14, 2013

View Schedule

View schools that attended last year's Boston IRC (held February 2012)

The list of schools below is a ‘live’ list. As soon as a school signs on for an event, their name is added. Check back frequently to see who will be joining ISS at this event!

Application Deadline: January 7, 2013  

Schools Attending

·                     Almaty International School (QSI) Kazakhstan

·                     American Baccalaureate School Abraq Khaitan, Kuwait

·                     American Embassy School New Delhi, India

·                     American International School - Chennai Tamil Nadu, India

·                     American International School Dhaka Bangladesh

·                     American International School in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

·                     American International School in Egypt Cairo, Egypt

·                     American International School of Abuja FCT, Nigeria

·                     American International School of Bucharest Judet Ilfov, Romania

·                     American International School of Guangzhou China

·                     American International School of Jeddah Saudi Arabia

·                     American International School of Johannesburg- Johannesburg Campus South Africa

·                     American International School of Kuwait Kuwait

·                     American International School-Riyadh Saudi Arabia

·                     American School of Doha Qatar

·                     American School of Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates

·                     American School of Quito Pichincha, Ecuador

·                     Brent International School Manila Laguna, Philippines

·                     Cairo American College Cairo, Egypt

·                     Carol Morgan School Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

·                     Colegio Nueva Granada Colombia

·                     Harare International School Zimbabwe

·                     Hayah International Academy Egypt

·                     International College Lebanon

·                     International School Manila Philippines

·                     International School of Aberdeen Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

·                     International School of Amsterdam Netherlands

·                     International School of Islamabad Pakistan

·                     International Schools Group Saudi Arabia

·                     Istanbul International Community School Turkey

·                     Jakarta International School Jakarta, Indonesia

·                     Korea International School Korea, Republic of

·                     Korea International School, Jeju Jeju-Do, Korea , Republic of

·                     Kyiv International School (QSI) Ukraine

·                     Mont'Kiara International School Malaysia

·                     Nansha College Preparatory Academy Guangdong, China

·                     Qatar Academy Qatar

·                     Qatar Academy Al-Khor Qatar

·                     QSI International School of Bratislava Slovakia

·                     QSI International School of Dongguan China

·                     Ruamrudee International School Thailand

·                     Saudi Aramco Schools Saudi Arabia

·                     Seoul Foreign School Korea, Republic of

·                     Seoul International School Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Republic of

·                     Shanghai American School China

·                     Shanghai Community International School China

·                     Shekou International School China

·                     The American International School of Muscat Oman

·                     The American School of Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait

·                     United Nations International School of Hanoi Vietnam

·                     Universal American School in Dubai  United Arab Emirates

·                     Yangon International School  Myanmar

·                     Zurich International School  Switzerland


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